arff logo2019 ARFF Agility Equipment Auction

ARFF Agility Club is making room at the practice field by auctioning certain agility equipment.

All equipment is in good condition, and USDAA Standard sizes. The contacts have aluminum frames with sand-coated surfaces.

The following equipment is offered in this auction.

  • Auction item number 1: Teeter [Minimum bid: $120]
  • Auction item number 2: A-Frame [Minimum bid: $310]
  • Auction item number 3: Dog Walk [Minimum bid: $300]
  • Auction item number 4: Pause Table [Minimum bid: $50]
  • Auction item number 5: Clip and Go Jump set [Minimum bid: $95]
  • Auction item number 6: Tire, with frame [Minimum bid: $50]
  • Auction item number 7: Single Jumps [Minimum bid: $35]
  • Auction item number 8: Wing Jump [Minimum bid: $50]
  • Auction item number 9: Jump Bars [Minimum bid: $3]
  • Auction item number 10: Wood Wing Jumps - Red [Minimum bid: $20]
  • Auction item number 11: Blue Double - Wood [Minimum bid: $25]
  • Auction item number 12: Weave Pole Set [Minimum bid: $55]
  • Auction item number 13: Broad Jump [Minimum bid: $75]

The auction opens on Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 9:00AM. The auction closes Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 5:00PM. Bids submitted before the open or after the close will be discarded.

Once the auction is closed, the bidder with the highest bid will receive a paypal link. You may pay by PayPal or send a check payable to ARFF Agility. The address is Eileen Sickler, 13 Foster Rd, Burlington MA 01803. Instructions will be sent to the winning bidders.

Additional rules are:

  • Payment must be received by October 28th.
  • Equipment must be picked up from the field by Wednesday, October 30th. If not picked up by October 30th, the next highest bidder will be offered the item.
  • Pick up days will likely be Wednesday Oct. 23 or 30 or Saturday Oct 26.
  • Sales are final.
  • You must be a current ARFF member to participate.
  • Two (2) single PVC Wingless jumps for $30 each.
  • Two (2) single PVC wing jumps will be available for $30 each.
  • Single jump bars will be available for $3.00 each. There are 32 bars.
  • A wooden double jump with 2 jump bars is available.
  • Two (2) wood wing jumps (RED) are available, each with 1 jump bar.

To continue, you must agree to the rules. Please check the box below and click Continue if you agree.