arff logo2019 ARFF Agility Equipment Auction

ARFF Agility Club is auctioning some items that the club no longer needs. All equipment is in very good shape. Most simply does not meet current trial standards (e.g., rubberized contacts).

The auction ends Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

Auction item number 1 Teeter

Standard USDAA Teeter. Aluminum with PAINTED (with sand) wooden board.

The current minimum bid is $75

Teeter photo

Auction item number 2 A-Frame

Standard USDAA A-Frame with aluminum base, wooden planks and sand paint

The current minimum bid is $100

A-Frame photo

Auction item number 3 Dog Walk

Standard USDAA Dog Walk with aluminum base, aluminum planks with wood boards (sand paint)

The current minimum bid is $200

Dog Walk photo

Auction item number 4 Pause Table

This Pause Table comes with a wood and steel top, steel base, steel legs

The current minimum bid is $25

Pause Table photo

Auction item number 5 Clip 'N Go Jump set

A travelling jump kit! This has 3 jumps with poles.

The current minimum bid is $20

Clip 'N Go Jump set photo

Auction item number 6 Tire, with frame

This is a steel tire frame. The tire is a flat, breakaway.

The current minimum bid is $20

Tire, with frame photo

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